DTI – Case Study​

The Problem

In 2023, Downer sold its Australian infrastructure projects business to Gamuda Australia and was established as DT Infrastructure (DTI). As part of the transaction, DTI had to transition operations onto Gamuda Australia’s core systems within a set period. This included migrating employee and payroll data from Oracle Express HR to SAP Success Factors and Payroll Metrics.

Migrating all data objects in time for the go-live data required significant data preparation across HR and Payroll applications. The DTI team faced compressed timelines and limited project resources. In addition to the ambitious project timeline, the joint DTI / Gamuda team worked remotely in four locations across Australia and Malaysia, making collaboration and joint working sessions more complex.
Given the challenges, the DTI team reached out to Elwyn Consulting in December 2023 to assist in the Data migration, go-live support for all employee and payroll data, and cutover support.

The Solution

The Elwyn team worked closely with the DT Infrastructure, Gamuda Australia, and Downer teams to understand the scope of data migration, the systems involved and the sequence of activities in the transition plan. We seamlessly joined the ongoing program meetings and working sessions to quickly build up our solution knowledge and ensure data integrity that was consistent with the migration requirements between Oracle and SAP and the integration requirements between SAP (employee data) and Payroll Metrics (payroll data).

At the start of the engagement, several master reports were extracted from Oracle to provide the baseline for loading templates into SAP and I3. We aligned varying data formats and value set structures for quality and data processing. In addition, we established a repeatable transformation process to support payroll parallel test runs and, ultimately, the production cutover migration.

During the transformation process, we cleansed the data and validated it against the target system and third-party master value sets (e.g., ATO Super Listing) to ensure data accuracy and consistency throughout the migration process. The data migration was completed within the go-live timeframe required by the transition program, minimising disruption to DTI’s operations. The streamlined data migration processes facilitated efficient data migration and analysis and supported operational efficiency during cutover.

The Relationship 

The Elwyn team has built a strong working relationship with the project teams at DTI and Gamuda, and we hope to support the team in future project initiatives.

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