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70%, the Average time of overrun on a technology project.

Data migration is the process of transferring data from one or more systems to others, and doing so efficiently is the linchpin of business continuity. At Elwyn, we ensure flawless transitions that uphold data transparency, integrity, and quality and are business lead and understood.

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The Power of Successful Data Migration

More Accurate Data

Seamlessly migrate your data to a new system without errors, ensuring precision and reliability in every record.

Improved Efficiency

Embrace streamlined operations with a successful migration, minimising downtime, and maximising productivity.

Increased Security

Protect your valuable data during migration with advanced encryption, preserving its confidentiality and integrity.

Better Analytics

A successful data migration sets the stage for enhanced insights and analytics, empowering informed decision-making.

Elevated Performance

Enjoy a system that performs optimally after migration, catering to your business needs efficiently.

Enhanced Collaboration

Successfully migrated data enables seamless collaboration among teams.


As your business grows, your data needs evolve too. A successful migration ensures your data can scale effortlessly, accommodating future expansion.

Business Continuity

A well-executed migration minimises disruptions and downtime, ensuring your business operations continue unhindered.

Common Mistakes When Attempting Data Migration

When attempting data migration, it is important to understand the common mistakes that can occur. Data migration, though sometimes essential, can be treacherous if not executed correctly.

Avoid these common pitfalls for a smooth transition:

Incorrect Translations

Data can get 'lost in translation' during migration. A thorough understanding of source and destination systems can prevent misinterpretations.

Missing Data

Omitting critical data is a nightmare. Double-checking, validating, and revalidating ensures nothing falls through the cracks.

Data Corruptions

Mismatched formats, poor handling – data corruptions are a menace. Implementing stringent data integrity checks safeguards against this.

Underestimating Time

Rushing data migration is a recipe for disaster. Allocate sufficient time, factoring in contingencies and setbacks.

Security Oversights

Data breaches during migration are real risks. Prioritise data security protocols throughout the process.

Incomplete Documentation

Inadequate documentation can lead to mistakes. Documenting data through each step, ensures clear guidelines for future reference.

Lack of Professionalism

A lack of business experience can backfire. If you don’t have the skills, leave it to the experts.

Don’t become a cautionary tale. Partner with us for expert-driven, error-free data migrations that safeguard your data, business, and reputation.

The Process of a Successful Data Migration

Embarking on a data migration journey? Let a seasoned data migration consultancy lead the way. Here’s how our experts ensure your migration is not just successful, but extraordinary:

Strategic Assessment
Step 1
We dive deep into your business needs, crafting a bespoke data migration plan. This blueprint ensures a flawless migration that aligns with your goals.
Strategic Assessment
Guided Execution
Step 2
Our experts hold your hand through every step. From source extraction to reconciliation, we stand by you, providing unwavering guidance and support.
Guided Execution

The Key Principles of Our Strategy:

Auditable Transparency

Our process is clear, auditable, and transparent. No mysteries, just concrete outcomes you can trust.

Efficiency Amplification

We maximise data migration efficiency using cutting-edge tools and resources, minimising effort, and time.

Business Context Articulation

Data objects are approached with a keen understanding of your unique business context, ensuring relevance and accuracy.

Post-Cutover Readiness

Our strategy ensures migrated data seamlessly integrates post-cutover, ready to fuel your operations.

Our Framework:

To drive the details of strategy, an underlying Framework must be established to the define and shape the end requirements, this includes:

Scope and Approach

We define the scope and approach meticulously, leaving no room for ambiguity.

Resource Allocation

Resources and support are allocated judiciously, guaranteeing a smooth journey.

Cycles of Perfection

Source Extraction: Carefully extract data from its current location, preparing for the transition.
Mapping & Transformation: Expertly map and transform the data for a seamless transition.
Load: Efficiently and successfully move data across to its new home.
Reconciliations: Stringently reconciliate data to ensure no loose ends are left.

The Ultimate Outcome:

With a successful process in place the end product will be a meticulously executed data migration strategy with a robust supporting framework to set the stage for success. Don’t just migrate your data – elevate it. Partner with Elwyn Business Experts for a streamlined migration journey that reshapes possibilities.

Don’t keep pushing through with the odds stacked against you!

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