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We are proud to be a leading Oracle Analytic Cloud Consulting Company.

At Elwyn Consulting, we enable businesses like yours to have greater visibility and transparency across their operations, financials, HR, and marketing and sales by helping them capture, manage, and utilise their data.

You just gave me six hours of my day back!

You can quickly and easily identify trends, opportunities, and efficiencies and make more informed decisions. This means you spend your time, money and resources on the areas that make the biggest difference to your company, so you can achieve the outcomes you want – faster.

Their diverse backgrounds help us uncover what we don't know.

Our team of senior business professionals offer experience from a diverse range of backgrounds. This includes accounting, finance, commercial and IT, to provide our clients with specialised skills that bridge knowledge gaps for what is required to deliver critical outcomes.

Always readily available and easily accessible.

We know that when it comes to your data, you often need rapid answers and support. At Elwyn Consulting, we pride ourselves on being accessible and responsive to our client’s business needs – whenever they occur.

I didn't realise data could solve my business problems!

Imagine if you had all the meaningful information you needed to know about your operations, financials, HR and marketing, and sales available at a glance on your mobile. How would that change the way you did business? Through utilising tools like Oracle Analytic Cloud, we help you do just that, so you can have access to the data you need most in a way that is easy to use and action.

Meet your team of business analysts.

Our team of data and analytics professionals have over a century of combined best practice methods and leading product expertise.

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Derryn Brook

Derryn is the Director of Elwyn Consulting and a highly experienced business leader with 20+ years in accounting and finance.

Carwan Karim

Carwan is a Business Analyst at Elwyn Consulting with a specialty in accounting, finance and operations.

Erik AE

Erik is a Senior Consultant at Elwyn Consulting who brings 10+ years experience across many global industries and sectors.

Elwyn Consulting

Elwyn Consulting was formed in April 2013

The business was formed to provide boutique project services to organisations that don’t have the business capacity or methods to deliver outcomes themselves. Typically, this was off the back of Reporting implementations for large, complex multinationals.

Our plan was to provide high quality agile services from experienced professionals with

practical and proven insights, that the larger consultancies couldn’t provide. The services and expertise were provided to bridge the gap between businesses and the large system integrators in a niche environment.

The growth of the business allowed us to recruit high quality and diverse professionals, who share the same entrepreneurial vision for providing superior solutions and outcomes and who had a passion for data and analytics.

Oracle Analytics Cloud emerged in the market circa 2016, which required different thinking on delivery methods and implementation approaches.

This was a game changer for Elwyn in early 2017, as we were involved in the first Oracle Cloud implementation for a large multinational, that required the agility and thought leadership to meet and attain the project objectives.

Elwyn gained enormous insights and exposure, to lead the client through the change that resulted specifically in Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC).

Post the initial introduction to OAC, Elwyn provided additional and broader services to other large clients in the delivery of their projects, from 2018 to today.

Elwyn has been built from first-hand experience, innovative outcomes and precise methods, providing a wealth of knowledge on how to make best use of OAC. This has been attained from deep implementation exposure that only Elwyn Consulting can provide.

We have a team of data and analytics professionals, with over 100 years’ of best practice methods and leading product expertise.

We have a team of data and analytics professionals, with over 100 years’ of best practice methods and leading product expertise.

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We have a team of data and analytics professionals, with over 100 years’ of best practice methods and leading product expertise.