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Who We Are

Solve your Project Problems with World-Class Business Experts

When it comes to your project, you need rapid answers and expert support.

At Elwyn Consulting, we pride ourselves on being accessible and responsive to our client’s business needs – whenever they occur.

Our team of highly experienced business experts offer experience from a diverse range of backgrounds including accounting, finance, commercial and IT. This provides our clients with specialised skills that bridge knowledge gaps for what is required to deliver critical outcomes.

Why Elwyn Consultants are World Class Experts?

When you are planning your project – or are in the thick of it – you need experienced experts to jump in and hit the ground running. To bring the experience you need to bridge your knowledge gaps and ensure you don’t fall victim to the costly errors so many do.

That is what we do at Elwyn Consulting. Having managed 55 projects across 7 sectors, we understand your needs, rapidly diagnose issues and know how to mitigate your risks to then move forward.

With our business experts, you benefit from:


Over 150 years combined experience in business


A strong team that collaborates seamlessly with your internal teams

Fast Data Migration

Proven ability to get data migration and project implementation projects back on track - fast

Extensive Technology Platform Expertise

Extensive experience across all major technology platforms including Oracle, SAP, Microsoft and Amazon

Impressive Results

A long list of happy clients who have massively improved their efficiency, transparency, delivery, profitability, and credibility.

Rapidly Diagnose Issues

We understand your needs, rapidly diagnose issues, and know how to mitigate your risks to then move forward.

A Brief History

Elwyn Consulting Commenced
Elwyn Consulting was established to provide boutique project services to organisations that lacked the business capability and capacity to do it themselves.
The Plan
Our plan was clear, we wanted to take on the large consultancies by providing a service they couldn’t – high-quality agile services that delivered practical and proven insights by highly experienced professionals, with the aim being to bridge the gap between businesses and large system integrators in a niche environment.
Business Started to Grow
The growth of the business allowed us to recruit high-quality business experts with diverse backgrounds. There are individuals who shared the same passion for transformation and large technology projects and creating impactful business outcomes.
Elwyn has grown and evolved utilising our years of experience, precise methods, and innovative solutions to help more companies make their business projects successful. The deep business implementation exposure is unique to Elwyn consultants.

Meet your team of Business Experts

Derryn Brook
Darren Moore
Principal Consultant
Andrew Papantoniou
Senior Consultant
Erik AE
Senior Consultant
James Cromie
Senior Consultant
Jonathan Pardi
Senior Consultant
Joslyn Zou
Graduate Consultant
Justin Wong
Senior Consultant
Melinda Xuereb
Senior Consultant
Joe Hynes
Max Beuster
Senior Consultant

Don’t keep pushing through with the odds stacked against you!

Have a discussion with one of our team to see how we can help you get your project back on track to achieve the desired outcomes – faster.

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