Joe Hynes
Finance Professional

Career Background

Joe Hynes boasts a career spanning four years as a Finance Professional, with a comprehensive background in Debt Sale and Transition, Sales and advisory. This has led to proficient management of Cash & FX operations, account administration, and the delivery of Customer Financial Planning services. In addition to his core competencies, Joe possesses a wealth of experience in cultivating business relationships, alongside a track record of investigating and resolving fraud cases. His extensive exposure to the realm of Financial Services has been further complemented by his leadership in finance initiatives and projects.

Throughout his tenure in the financial industry, Joe has gathered a deep understanding of risk management, regulatory compliance, and market trends, strengthening his institution’s resilience in the face of uncertainties while nurturing long-lasting client relationships.

Length at Elwyn:

1 year

Length in the Industry

1 year

Unique skills and/or expertise?

Clear communication

Creative problem-solving skills

Financial planning.

Qualifications and Affiliations:

  • Bachelor of Politics from the National University of Ireland.
  • Accredited Product Advisor (APA) from the Institute of Banking Ireland.
  • Qualified Financial Advisor (QFA) from the Institute of Banking Ireland.

What do our clients value most about working with me?

“My ability to maintain a positive and professional attitude, I am easily adaptable and have a strong work ethic and time management skills.”

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