Reporting & Analytics Services

Use your data to mitigate risks & track progress in real-time.

At Elwyn Consulting, we specialise in Enterprise reporting strategy and leveraging your organisation’s data to uncover a wealth of insights. Armed with our experience and specialised tools and techniques, we define the strategy, discover trends, answer questions, and predict future outcomes for your business.

With a rapidly changing business environment, unprecedented levels of uncertainty, and global competition, it has never been more crucial to collect, analyse, and interpret your data to better understand your organisation and market.

The benefits of data analytics are many – establish a strong strategic direction, make more effective decisions, improve business processes, create greater customer experiences and improve your bottom line – if you have the proper data analytics tools and processes in place.

At Elwyn Consulting, we do just that. We help you turn your data into actionable business insight and give you the data-driven critical thinking you need to make sense of what is happening in your organisation, identify improvements, act on opportunities and safeguard against threats whilst aligning to the reporting strategy.

We Offer a Number of Different Services

Establishing Strategy

Starting your reporting, data and analytics journey and need help establishing your strategy? We’ll fill you in on the ‘what, where, why and how’ of an enterprise reporting strategy and work with your business to define and align an outcome that drives a pragmatic approach to moving forward.

Data Exploration

Want to understand how data analytics can help your organisation before you invest? Data Exploration is the perfect first step if you need to get buy-in from your board or management team or see how data analytics can work for you. Through this process, we will showcase your data in a meaningful way to help you realise the tangible benefits and possibilities of using your data to achieve your desired business outcomes.

Advisory and Support

Need ongoing advice and support to increase your data analytics capability? After the initial set-up, we can continue to support your organisation on an as-needed basis to increase your internal capability. As your advisor, we’ll provide observations and recommendations to help you maximise opportunities and improve business outcomes.

Project Management

Prefer to get on with what you do best and get someone else to manage the outcome and the information you need. Then you’ll be happy to know that our expert team of analysts can project manage your data and analytics and report back in a way that is value-driven and easy to action.

Key Issue Data Studies

Are you facing a specific business problem or challenge that you need to make an informed decision? Data studies are short and defined pieces of work delivered rapidly to achieve specific data requirements and deliver key business outcomes. These outcomes are then monitored and embedded in future decision-making.

Education and Training

Need to increase your organisation’s competency and capability to run and maintain reporting, data and analytics initiatives? We can provide the education and training necessary to improve your team’s proficiency and ensure you have the knowledge and skills required for success.

How Reporting & Analytics Give You a Competitive Advantage

In today’s hyper-competitive business landscape, the true power of reporting and data analytics lies in its ability to identify inefficiencies and unveil advantages that traditional methods overlook. Organisations attempting to cut costs, for example, can focus on the flaws to find new ways of cost-cutting and pass the benefits of that onto their customers.

At Elwyn Consulting, we champion a crawl, walk, run approach that propels our clients towards data-driven success. Our pragmatic process ensures that your data journey is not only comprehensive but also strategic and aligns with the reporting strategy. During this process, we capture your data and make it easily accessible and organised. Then the real benefits occur when we help you manage and, most importantly, understand your data and how to leverage it.

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