Acciona – Case Study​

The Problem

When the sale of the Engineering business from Lendlease was executed, Acciona formed a business integration program to transition selected projects, contracts, and people from the prior business and applications, within the transaction timeframe.

The Solution

Elwyn provided the business lead role of playing point across all functions to manage the project transition from Oracle to Acciona’s SAP customised solutions. This included management of 3rd party systems integrators, internal Finance and IT teams, and the parent based in Madrid. Detailed planning and dependencies were created and improved. As time elapsed, this promoted real change in future processes. The role required the CFO function to be informed of key business decisions as the program accelerated and accepted the mandatory transactional process and outcomes (low value).

The change included the merging of respective functions, aligning on a common set of outcomes and processes, eliminating inefficiencies including credit card reductions, and facilitating a datastore and reporting framework to ensure the safe collection and storage of all financial data since 2014. This included facilitating an end solution for a large quantity of data, and implementation of a Plant and Machinery module to maintain, track, and charge vehicles and machinery assets.

Additionally, Elwyn augmented the Commercial and Finance teams to drive the future process and requirements to enable the forecasting of project cost completion for complex programs to ensure accuracy and to attain the minimum standards of the parent requirements and submissions. This also included the reporting outcomes and presentation layers in Microsoft BI to enable decision-making and identify risks and potential margin decreases. Elwyn provided the business with alternative delivery modules to accelerate the outcome of the solutions after the requirements were clearly documented and planned appropriately.

The Relationship

Elwyn continues to provide capacity and capability for business lead roles for project initiatives across the business and functions.

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