Project Readiness

For Transformation & Large Technology Projects

66% of Technology Projects End in Partial or Total Failure

Setting Foundations for Project Success

In the world of transformation & large technology projects, success begins long before implementation. With a staggering 66% of technology projects ending in partial or total failure, it’s evident that the right planning, strategy, and resources are non-negotiable.

At Elwyn Consulting, we understand the critical role that proactive project readiness plays in the success of large technology projects. Being prepared from the outset can make all the difference in achieving your business objectives efficiently.

Our Project Readiness Services

Our Project Readiness services encompass four essential steps: strategy, requirements & process, selection support and mobilisation, each designed to set the foundation for a seamless and successful journey. Explore these key components below and click through to learn more about each service.

1. Strategy

Before diving into the complexities of a transformation or large technology project, you need a clear roadmap. Our strategic planning ensures that your project aligns with your business objectives, budget, and timeline. We're here to help you set the course for success. Our experts will work with you to craft a strategic roadmap that ensures your project is not only technically sound but also a powerful asset in driving your organisation forward.

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2. Requirements & Process

Understanding your project's specific requirements and processes is paramount. We delve deep to uncover every detail, ensuring nothing is overlooked. Our team specialises in identifying your unique needs and processes, ensuring that your technology solution is tailored to fit seamlessly within your operations.

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3. Selection Support

Selecting the right technology solution is a critical decision that can make or break your project. Our selection support service assists you in evaluating options, making informed choices, and negotiating contracts to secure the best-fit solutions, ensuring seamless integration into your existing ecosystem.

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4. Mobilisation

Mobilising your project for success involves careful planning and execution. With a well-defined strategy, detailed requirements, and the right solutions in place, it's time to mobilise your project. We provide the support needed to kickstart your project on the path to success, ensuring that your project teams are well-prepared, and resources are allocated efficiently.

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Get Your Project Ready for Success

At Elwyn Consulting, we believe that Project Readiness is the cornerstone of project success. Each step in our Project Readiness service is a building block for a successful technology project. Explore each of the above key readiness steps further to learn how we can help you achieve your project’s full potential.

Don’t keep pushing through with the odds stacked against you!

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