Emergency Recovery

For Transformation and Large Technology Projects

Quickly respond to issues, minimise disruptions, and get the project back on your path to success

At Elwyn Consulting, we understand that even the most meticulously planned transformation and large technology projects can encounter unexpected challenges. When your project veers off course, and you find yourself in the midst of a crisis, we’re here to lend a helping hand. We excel at navigating you out of your problem project.

If you find yourself in a situation where alarm bells are going off, then it’s time for us to talk! Whether your large technology project is delayed, your business stakeholders are not comfortable, things aren’t working as they should, workstreams aren’t progressing, or you’re looking down the barrel at blowing the budget, our experts can help.

The primary goal of emergency recovery is to quickly respond to these issues, minimise disruptions, and get the project back on the path to success.
This is what our Elwyn experts do best!

When to call us:

Business Stakeholders are not Comfortable:

If the business feels like they are not getting the results they wanted and the project is not progressing as expected, we can help bridge the gap to align business expectations.

Project is Delayed

We understand meeting strict deadlines is essential, and delays can have cascading effects. We can help get your project back on track to minimise further delays and ensure it doesn’t blowout the timeline too dramatically.

Project is Over Budget

Budget overruns can strain your resources and hinder progress. Our experts can assess the situation and chart a cost-effective path forward.

Project is Over Budget

Budget overruns can strain your resources and hinder progress. Our experts can assess the situation and chart a cost-effective path forward.

Workstreams are Not Progressing

Often, the data migration stream will be become problematic and is critical to the success of most projects. If your data migration is faltering, call us to address the issue promptly to prevent data loss and continuity disruptions.

Why Emergency Recovery is Important

Emergency recovery encompasses the proactive actions and processes designed to swiftly and effectively address unforeseen and critical issues that possess the potential to derail or substantially impact a project’s success.

These issues can arise is various ways, including:

Technical Failures

When vital technical components malfunction or fail to operate as intended, it can disrupt the entire project flow.

Data Breaches

The security and integrity of data is paramount. A data breach can compromise sensitive information, necessitating immediate action.

Software Bugs

Unexpected software glitches or bugs can impede progress and functionality, requiring expert intervention.

Resource Shortages

Adequate resources, whether human or material, are essential for project execution. Shortages can lead to delays and complications.

Workstreams Not Progressing

One or more workstreams will be at risk at some stage, throughout the project life cycle.

Unforeseen Challenges

The unexpected can take countless forms, including staffing shortages, and technology outages or glitches, and any challenge can be a significant setback.

The Steps for Emergency Recovery

Successful emergency recovery in transformation and large technology projects requires a coordinated effort among all stakeholders including business owners, technical teams, project managers, and workstream leads. Having a well-prepared recovery plan and a collaborative approach is also essential for minimising impact and ensuring the project’s success.

Our emergency recovery steps include:

Identify the Problem
Collaborative Resolution
Align on the Problem
Activate the Resolution
Engage Experts
Update Stakeholders
Implement Preventive Measures
Continuously Monitor
Document Lessons Learned
Finalise Project

Don’t keep pushing through with the odds stacked against you!

Have a discussion with one of our team to see how we can help you get your project back on track to achieve the desired outcomes – faster.

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