CareFlight – Case Study​

After a period of growth, CareFlight had outgrown its financial systems and required a change that would support its strategic objective to diligently manage its contracts and associated services, within a matrix operational structure and a set of enabling functions that provide expertise and support.

Before commencing the strategic project, Elwyn provided the business lead role of reviewing, syndicating, and documenting the important value drivers and financial models of the business, which allowed the CXOs to explain and demonstrate what was important and unique for a future ERP solution.

This allowed the business to focus on the outputs and not the transactional standard processes that are expected of a modern ERP platform and was also the main contributor to forming the down-select process of the potential platform and the RFP inputs.

Additionally, Elwyn documented the functional requirements of the in-scope process groups, as a result of the detailed understanding of the financial modelling and additional aspirations outcomes that CareFlight would target and obtain based on domain knowledge.

These readiness activities positioned CareFlight to obtain from selected providers, how they would best attain the outcome of the business requirements using the detailed financial model and be used as a reference point for the detailed planning and requirements.

As part of the readiness activities, Elwyn is providing the finance expertise to position the function for success and working closely with the selected systems integrators to ensure the requirements are fulfilled adequately and the project team focuses on the critical elements and outcomes of the project to achieve success.

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