Landcom – Case Study​

As the shelf life of their legacy system was coming to its conclusion, Landcom formed a project to transition to Oracle Cloud ERP and EPM in a defined timeframe, that was also in support of their business strategy and growth.

Again, from the experiences attained from LINX and InvoCare deployments, Elwyn defined the end-to-end business process (including R2R, ALM, P2P, O2C, and PDL) that supported the Oracle solution to demonstrate and articulate how business was done and was to be changed, as this had wide business implications and impacts. 

As part of the business processes, the end operating model was drafted, which included the business process and the supporting risks and control frameworks. The process highlighted who did what and when and was accelerated i.e. not from a blank piece of paper from a deep Oracle Cloud understanding of what was mandatory versus negotiable, in terms of using and accepting the Oracle  Cloud solution. 

Additionally, Elwyn project managed the cutover and transition from the legacy system to Oracle  Cloud, based on the knowledge attained from prior project deployment and experiences. Leading up to and post the cutover, Elwyn also provided practical advice in terms of getting the Finance function ready and being a bridge between the business and the system integrator in deploying and utilising the Oracle Cloud solution.

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