InvoCare – Case Study

The Client

InvoCare, the largest provider of funeral and memorialisation services in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore, is on a mission to improve and build-on the already excellent customer service they provide to clients and their families. In order to do this they embarked on a reinvestment program to upgrade their physical services, business systems and processes in order to make it easier for their staff to provide excellent customer service.

Their Needs

InvoCare wanted a way of accessing operational data in a timely fashion in order to make decisions that were based more on data than on gut instinct.

Our Solution

Elwyn Consulting’s primary job was to create the analytics and data capability within InvoCare’s systems through the implementation of Oracle Analytics Cloud (OAC). This was carried out in four phases:

  • Phase 1 – building a proof of concept based on the value drivers of the organisation
  • Phase 2 – establishing the underlying platform, by utilising ODI and IDW to integrate data from all the source systems (PPM, HCM, CX, Eloqua, ERP)
  • Phase 3 – using data visualisation methods to establish classic dashboards appropriate to the target audience
  • Phase 4 – forming data analytics projects and data studies

Elwyn Consulting worked closely with the InvoCare operational team, ensuring that the new reports and dashboards were measuring the critically important information for the business and displaying it in a user-friendly way. This strive for operational excellence ensured the end-product was functionally specific for the target audience.

The Impact

The customised dashboards giving overviews of the day-to-day business analytics is highly valued by the InvoCare team.  The ability to then dive deeper into the real-time data to manage the business and target a competitive response has become invaluable.  The ability to see what services people are buying (in real-time), and to be able to quickly tailor alternative non-traditional options, has allowed InvoCare to navigate through the current COVID crisis, making better decisions and delivering better business outcomes for their shareholders.

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