LINX Cargo Care Group – Case Study

As a result of a de-merge from it’s parent owner, LINX Cargo Care Group required to transition and separate from it’s legacy system of PeopleSoft to Oracle Cloud within a specified timeframe.

Elwyn re-planned and baselined the project in collaboration with the business and the system integrators to ensure the deliver of it’s business and project objectives, utilising Oracle Cloud HCM  and the ERP and EPM. 

Methods were applied to the project to ensure the non-negotiables of the project objectives were achieved, in particular the transactional revenue and cost integrations from key operational systems and the data migration required as a minimum standard to ensure success as part of the cutover and  business transition. Alignment to Oracle process was paramount to the delivery timeframe as was  utilising the reporting platform to drive the effort required for day one business needs. 

The project was achieved in the required timeframe and provided a platform for the organisation to grow in line with their strategy and transformation activities. The insights provided from the project, highlighted the need to ensure the organisation was aligned and ready for not only the difference in deploying Oracle Cloud technology but how and who can make best use of the asset provided.

Post the initial embedment within the business, LINX initiated phase 2 of the transformation. Phase 2 applied a different and unique engagement approach across the relevant businesses and its people. The output of the change in approach, resulted in a leader led and owned program of work,  that reinforced the fundamental principles of “why”, which was paramount to the employees engaging in the outcome. 

The initial work focusing on the Procure to Pay stream, provided a roadmap and the planned  activities for the leaders of the organisation to declare and own as theirs, that would deliver and digitise the process, by best using Oracle Cloud and by aligning to the mandatory foundations and principles with support of the end game operating model.

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